Satellite Uplink Power Control Systems
Satellite Uplink Power Control Systems

Satellite uplink stations, mainly for radio & TV broadcasting, use uplink power control to compensate for sporadic but sometimes severe atmospheric losses due to rain, ice and/or snow in the satellite path. This causes loss of performance to the overall link quality and potentially losing the link altogether.

The ideal Uplink Power Control System should be fast, reliable, simple and avoid unwanted saturation of transmitting earth station HPAs and satellite on board equipment.

Novella SatComs have pioneered a novel simple approach for the uplink power control task using the real time accurate measurement of a satellite beacon level to control the total power of the uplink signal path.

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UPC3000 Uplink Power Controller
UPC3000 Uplink Power Controller
Integrated Uplink Power Control Unit & Beacon Receiver Base Unit. Input band 940 to 1750MHz,

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