Flexibility and ease of installation are integral to the transceiver line. Redundant systems are an option, and a number of full monitor and control methods are available, such as convenient handheld terminals, EIA-232 or EIA-485 connections, and FSK control through our companion satellite modems.

Performance is key.

Our line of transceivers delivers RF performance typically available only with independent, solid state power amplifier and frequency converter topologies. The conservative P1 dB power specifications combined with low phase noise and the high third order intercept of our CSAT, XSAT and KST transceivers ensure spectral purity and seamless support of multi-carrier links.

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CSAT-5060 - 125W C-Band Transceiver
CSAT-5060 - 125W C-Band Transceiver
The CSAT-5060 C-Band Transceiver provides superior performance, long-term reliability, and ease of installation.

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