ETI manufactures a reliable line of dehydrators for waveguide and coaxial cable as well as automatic controls, sensors and rain blowers used for Satellite and FM/ Broadcast antenna deice systems. ETI offers complete deice systems for satellite antennas ranging from 50 centimeters - 9 meters.

Dehydrators include:
ADH NETCOM Automatic Dehydrator with Ethernet Connection
ADH-3COM Automatic Dehydrator / 26.4 cu/ft per hour
ADH-2A COM Automatic Dehydrator/ 14.2 cu/ft per hour
EDH-4 Manual Dehydrator / 6.0 cu/ft per hour
RCD-1/RCD-2 Passive Dehydrator / 1 cu/ft drying capacity
RCM-1 Eight port manifold, low pressure
RCM-2 Eight port manifold, high pressure

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