PL7630 RF Amplifier  
PL7630 RF Amplifier

Sat-Light Platinum Wideband (5 - 3000MHz) RF Amplifier 55dB gain, (-45 Max RF Input)
Product Code FOX0176

The PL7630 RF Amplifiers provide the capability to integrate a pre- or post-amplifier as a part of the IFL system. Using an RF Amplifier allows a full system solution with guaranteed overall system performance over long distances.

As a:
Pre-amplifier the PL7630 ensures a high C/N by providing the optical transmitter with sufficient RF to optimally drive the laser.
Post amplifier, the PL7630 assures a constant high signal level RF output

The PL7630 has an integral input/output RF power meter and is fully compatible with the
Sat-Light/Platinum M&C SNMP system.