3000E CWDM Demux  
3000E CWDM Demux

CWDM Demux 8-channel, self contained 1 RU chassis.
Product Code FOX0062

Foxcom’s Coarse Wavelength-Division Multiplexer (CWDM) can combine up to 8 fiber outputs from
Foxcom fiberoptic transmitters into one single fiber. Each transmitter transmits on a different optical wavelength. CWDM technology uses ITU standard 20 nm spacing between the wavelengths, from 1470 nm to 1610 nm. Each wavelength is transmitted on a separate single mode fiberoptic cable and then multiplexed onto a single fiber. Foxcom’s Coarse Wavelength-Division Demultiplexer reverses the process, separating the light into 8 separate fiber paths.

With Foxcom’s CWDM solution, transmitting multiple L-Band and 70/140 IF Band signals over a single fiber becomes a simple and cost effective process. CWDM overcomes the need for installing new fiber or leasing cables. By using Foxcom’s CWDM solution, transmission distances up to 50 kilometers can be achieved.