LPOD Ku-Band Block Upconverter 
LPOD Ku-Band Block Upconverter

Frequency - Ku-Band
13.75-14.5 GHz
Power - 20 watts
Product Code COM1135

Comtech EF Data’s extensive experience in the design of outdoor RF transceivers led to the LPOD family’s efficient thermal and mechanical package. Recognizing the evolution of L-Band IF systems, the LPOD is designed to eliminate the traditional requirement for the modem to supply a DC power source and a 10 MHz reference to the BUCs and LNBs.

The LPOD’s optional internal reference and LNB bias T greatly simplify multi-carrier operation and provide cost-effective redundant solutions. The LPOD offers valuable features not found in other L-Band BUC products. The PS2 model can be configured as an integrated BUC/SSPA (L-Band in, RF out) or solely as an SSPA (RF in, RF out) at power levels to 250 W ( The PS1 and PS1.5 models are always configured as a BUC/SSPA with available power levels to 100 W.