1244-415 2.4m Antenna 
1244-415 2.4m Antenna

2.4M antenna
Rx / Tx System
Product Code PRO0008

Key Features
· Ku-Band Intelsat approval #IA041A00 for E1, K3, K2 & G
· C-Band Intelsat approval # IA042A00 for circular, H3 H2 and G
· Ku-Band AsiaSat approved
· Ku-Band ETSI certified
· Ku-Band EutelSat approved
· Four piece compression molded offset reflector
· Two axis tracking configuration available
· Low cost shipping & easy local handling
· Reflector/Feed Anti-Icing Available
· Variety of ground mounts available

Prodelin Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of Rx/Tx VSAT antennas. We have the broadest product line in the industry including Receive Only, Rx/Tx and Rural Telephony antenna systems. Prodelin offers nineteen antenna sizes, 47cm to 4.5M. Prodelin is the leader in obtaining type certifications and approvals for Intelsat, AsiaSat and Eutelsat. Prodelin antennas provide the best quality in the market due to the sophisticated, precision SMC compression molding process technology.

Prodelin provides the best value antenna solution to the market with competitive prices, the highest quality products and superb engineering support.