10W ALB180 C-Band Block Upconverter 
10W ALB180 C-Band Block Upconverter

Power: 10W
Agilis ALB180-K Series C-Band BUC is a highly cost effective outdoor RF transmitter for satellite communication.
Product Code ALB180A2CA-K

Available for all C-Band frequencies
Direct antenna mount
Wide operating temperature range -40C to +60C
Wide input D.C voltage range 18V to 60V for 5W and 10W C-BUC
Standard RS232/485 interface & optional SNMP/HTTP M&C option
Excellent linearity
Extremely reliable
High power efficiency

The BUC has very high output power linearity and works well from -40C up to 60C. The BUC also has a wide input voltage range which allows it to work from 18V to 60V for 5W and 10W models.

Agilis C-Band BUC is designed for high reliability operation in various applications such as flyaway antenna. The BUC also has one of the best M&C features in the industry.

Easy to install, it is redundancy-ready and field-proven for any harsh operating environment. It is suitable for both data and voice communication operating in different modulation formats.

Agilis C-Band BUC offers a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems based in remote or challenging geographic regions. The equipment employs L-Band interface to the indoor unit. Agilis ALB180-K Series C-Band BUC is an ideal solution suitable for broadband application (such as DVB-RCS) in satellite IP networks.