The Advanced VSAT Solutions is a portfolio of high-performance, satellite-based communication solutions that facilitate premium services for the enterprise, energy, mining, maritime, airline and corporate networks.

Representing the next generation in satellite networking equipment. A state-of-the-art NMS is critical to operating a shared multi-user platform in a cost-effective manner.

NetVue is our unified network management platform designed to provide overall network visibility on a single screen, improve resource utilisation, improve service quality and Quality of Experience (QoE), to increase customer satisfaction, reduce downtime and thereby maximise service availability. NetVue offers advanced applications for automation, scheduling, monitoring, reporting and spectrum analysis.


  • The focal point of the Advanced VSAT is our multi-level optimisation with the highest spectral efficiency in its class.
  • DVB-S2 and VersaFEC with ACM/VCM enable the most efficient physical layer without compromising latency.
  • Low overhead Streamline Encapsulation (SLE) and Enhanced GSE enable the most efficient link layer.
  • Header compression and lossless payload compression enable the most efficient transport for IP datagrams.
  • RAN optimisation minimises the bandwidth required for mobile backhaul.
  • WAN optimisation provides TCP connection management, TCP optimisation, image reduction and smoothing, caching, bandwidth pooling, and other capabilities for significant bandwidth savings.