Air time ‘Bundle-24’ has been designed to make the provision and operation of low cost Ka-Band satellite space as simple as possible leaving you to concentrate on your job itself. Once your terminal has been registered onto our portal then the process is as simple as placing a single purchase order of the ‘Bundle-24’ contract and you are ready to go!

Registration of your terminal

The Bundle 24 package is powered by multiple Idirect Evolution hubs situated in the UK, Germany and Cyprus. We operate the latest roaming NMS so once registered onto our portal you can access any hub in the Avanti network.

There is a one off registration fee that includes: –

  • Terminal registration
  • Option file generation
  • Facilitating CW and 1 dB compression test planning
  • Process booking sessions
  • On-going technical support

However, the fee is waived subject to 10 days’ capacity booked in any calendar month

Support for your deployment

We can offer you a range of support for your IP broadcast deployment including:-

  • On-site assistance with antenna set up and pointing
  • UK based training courses
  • On-site training courses
  • Technical assistance
  • Loan / hire equipment
  • 24-hour contract with 8GB ‘pre-loaded’ throughput
  • Additional GB booster without loss of service
  • No booking required during contract
  • Avialable on HYLAS1 and HYLAS2