Amplifiers Gallium Nitride (GaN) up to 100 Watt.

Multi-Octave amplifiers and applications specific narrow band amplifiers cover frequencies to 18GHz, GaN amplifiers operate with voltages between +28VDC to +50VDC (design dependant).  Catalog designs offer power levels up to 80 Watts; custom designs up to 100Watts are available.

  • Products include:
  • Freq, range 0.5 - 6.0Ghz, Gain 45dB min, Psat typ. 25 Watts
  • Freq. range 6-12GHz, Gain 45dB min, Psat typ. 20 Watts
  • Freq. range 2-18GHz, Gain 38dBm. PSAT typ. 20 Watts.