Amplifiers SMT & SMP: Mercury Systems surface mount amplifiers support the need for physically smaller systems by eliminating cable interconnects and increasing package densities.

Low noise and medium power gain blocks can be conveniently cascaded in a microstrip transmission line environment. We also offer a unique approach to manage higher power and high frequency (up to 12GHz) applications with our ‘SMP plug-in’ modules.

  • Frequency range 0.1 - 2GHz, gain up to 26dB and P1dB up to 21
  • Frequency range 0.5 - 6GHz, gain up to 28dB and P1dB up to 27
  • Frequency range 6 - 12GHz, gain up to 22dB and P1dB up to 27
  • Frequency range 6 - 18GHz, gain up to 18dB and P1dB up to 27.