Designed for newsgathering professionals; AVIWEST’s DMNG PRO100 is ultra-compact, robust and highly-portable, and allows for direct camera-mounting using standard V-Mount, Gold Mount or PAGLOK.

DMNG PRO systems are deployed worldwide and used by number of international, national and local TV channels and news agencies on a daily basis. Its power and versatility give you the required flexibility to be always ‘news-ready’ by combining any of the following network interfaces:

  • Dual gigabit ethernet for streaming over LAN, BGAN, Thuraya, or Ka-Band
  • ASI transport stream output
  • Built-in WiFi modem with an external antenna
  • 2 auxiliary USB ports.

The DMNG PRO100 has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows broadcasting live videos in 2 simple clicks either from the embedded touch
-screen or from a smartphone. Wherever news happens, whatever the networks available, the DMNG PRO100 gives you the freedom to shoot with the confidence of delivery.

  • 4 embedded 3G/4G modems with a high-efficiency custom antenna array giving faster network acquisition and improved resilience
  • Built-in WiFi modem
  • 2 auxiliary USB ports
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet for streaming over LAN, BGAN, Thuraya, or Ka-Band.