Aviwest’s DMNG PRO180-RA is ultra-compact, robust and highly-portable, and allows for direct camera-mounting using standard V-Mount, Gold Mount or PAGLOK plates.

The pocket-sized systems have been deployed worldwide by a number of international, national and local TV channels, video content operators and news agencies.

Featuring 8 cellular connections (eight 3G/4G internal modems with an internal high-efficiency custom antenna array), a built-in WiFi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders, the DMNG PRO180-RA can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay, which allows broadcasters to produce seamless live interviews.

Robust signal transmission enables live broadcasts anywhere in the world: In addition to the internal custom antennas, the DMNG PRO180-RA has eight MCX antenna connectors on its front panel. These can be used to support two AVIWEST QUAD wideband external cellular antenna arrays to strengthen signal transmission in critical environments such as live from vehicles on the move.






  • 8 embedded 3G/4G modems with a high-efficiency custom antenna array
  • 8 MCX antenna connectors into which 2 AVIWEST QUAD cellular wideband antenna arrays can be plugged to strengthen the signal transmission in critical environment
  • 1 built-in WiFi modem with antenna
  • 2 auxiliary USB ports
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet for streaming over LAN, BGAN, Thuraya or Ka-Band.


DMNG PRO1 Series