The MaxTester 720C Singlemode & Multimode OTDR is a high-performance OTDR from the world’s leading manufacturer.

It delivers EXFO’s tried and true OTDR quality and accuracy along with the best optical performance for right-first-time results, every time.

The amazing 12-hour battery life will never let a technician down, and the plug-and-play hardware options, like the VFL, power meter and USB tools, make every technician’s job easier.

Most importantly, the EXFO Max 720C singlemode and multimode OTDR brings iOLM, an intelligent OTDR-based application, to the handheld market. This advanced software turns even tablet like the most complex trace analysis into a simple, one-touch task.

  • iOLM one touch OTDR testing
  • Singlemode and multimode quad OTDR
  • Dynamic range of 36dB
  • Accurately pinpoint faulty connectors or fiber breaks on short spans thanks to its optimised multimode performances
  • Multimode units are quad-ready to enable singlemode testing
  • User-friendly graphical user interface and Windows 8.1 pro operating system
  • Multiple applications for file sharing, e-mailing, Skype, remote assistance, etc.