The MaxTester 945 (MAX945) boasts a 7-inch touchscreen, the largest and most user-friendly display in the industry to simplify tasks for the technician.

The MAX 945 also allows for 100% automated fibre inspection at both ends of the fibre link. Paired with the FIP-400B automated fibre inspection probes and powered by FasTesT™, this OLTS brings the latest and the best in innovation and automation at your fingertips.

Ever since its introduction in 1996, the patented FasTesT™ technology revolutionised the industry by fully automating the test sequence, saving countless hours of testing and troubleshooting in the field. Proven in thousands of diverse network deployments across the globe, FasTesT™ truly enables CAPEX/OPEX savings.

  • Unmatched FasTesT™ performances: 100 % automated bidirectional test at two wavelengths under 5 seconds
  • 100% automated fiber inspection: one-step process with pass/fail analysis at both fiber ends
  • On-board assistant and diagnosis to eliminate reference errors and negative loss
  • Improved short fiber measurement
  • On-board professional PDF reporting
  • Bright, 7-inch high resolution touchscreen display - the largest in the market
  • Best-in-class singlemode distance range of 200 km
  • EXFO connect-ready for cloud-based test assets management
  • WiFi and bluetooth connectivity (optional).