High-Speed Portable Field Testers – NetBlazer V2 Series

  • Dual-port or quad-port testing up to 10G WAN and LAN, allows technicians to run up to four simultaneous tests
  • Real-time, high-resolution radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis using digitised RF data (IQ data) in the CPRI link
  • Ethernet service activation with EtherSAM (ITU-T Y.1564) service configuration and performance tests, complemented by Remote Discovery, Smart Loopback and Dual Test Set capabilities
  • Ultra-powerful processing backed by quad-core FTB platform with Windows 8.1 professional operating system, providing access to many third-party apps and the ability to connect to a wide range of devices.
  • Comprehensive testing for Ethernet interfaces from 10Mb/s to 100 Gbit/s.
  • iSAM intelligent service activation methodology, based on the ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 6349 standards, simplifies and speeds up Ethernet service activation
  • RFC2544 & traffic generation
  • RFC-6349 testing: 10M-100G multisession TCP testing with bidirectional results.