These Highpass Digitally tunable filters are manufactured by Atlanta Micro filter.

Available in 4mm QFN configurations the highpass digitally tunable filters can be used stand alone or combined together to form flexible, discretely stepped bandpass filters requiring no calibration or large analog voltages.

The switched sub-octave filter banks, offer features such as a bypassable amplifier and provide an excellent front-end/back-end for a broadband receiver, transmitter or transceiver requiring high dynamic range and small size, weight and power consumption.

Details of model numbers  include AM3033, AM3041, AM3031, AM3036 and AM3032.



  • Discrete high pass cutoff steps
  • 4- bit control, 3V ot 5V logic
  • No calibration required
  • 4mm QFN package
  • +5V DC Supply, -40 to +85C operation.