The Ku-Band Occasional use IP Broadcast service has been designed to offer a very simple access to IP broadcasting with our selection of Ku-Band equipment, uncontended air-time and 4G bonding encoders.

Antenna System – TP100
The TP100 Ku is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent satellite communication and can form the heart of an IP network injection point from remote locations. The system has been designed to inter-operate with all the current 3G/4G bonding video encoders, giving excellent resilience to the modern IP video link.

Watch our YouTube video of the TP100KU quick deployable antenna system from Holkirk.

Bonding Encoder – AVIWEST DMNG PRO100
The AVIWEST DMNG PRO100 is a small portable and powerful video encoder mainly designed for streaming over LAN/WAN and satellite. DMNG PRO systems are deployed worldwide and used by number of international, national and local TV channels and news agencies on a daily basis.

Air Time – LBiSat HD Stream (5120kbps up-stream)
Utilising Intelsat Galaxy 18 occasional use space segment, our service includes all Teleport Services with dedicated internet and iDirect XLC-M line card rental. This will give you access to stream live HD video to your own NOC or CDN at a rate of 5000kbps.

Ideal for HD video for rolling news and with 1024kbps return, can provide a WiFi broadband hotspot for your news teams. The one off registration fee includes:

  • Terminal registration
  • Option file generation
  • Facilitating CW and 1dB compression test planning
  • Process booking sessions
  • On-going technical support

However, the fee is waived subject to 10 days capacity booked in any calendar month.

  • Contribution bit rate up to 5Mbps
  • 4G bonding back-up
  • IP contribution and optional value-added services: video conference, web-browsing
  • Ku-Band: wide coverage USA region
  • High availability and quality of service
  • Services predefined and chargeable according to duration, minimum booking 30 mins.