The LBC-4000 Up/Down Converter System is packaged in a 1RU 19-inch chassis with two front panel accessible up converter or down converter modules. It contains two diode ‘OR-ed’ internal power supplies for increased reliability and microprocessor-based Monitor & Control (M&C) functions.

The LBC-4000 up converter module translates a 70 MHz IF input signal (140 MHz optional) up to a user-selected frequency at L-Band (950 to 2000 MHz). The L-Band output can drive the input of our MBT-4000 block up converter or other RF equipment with an L-Band input.

The LBC-4000 down converter module translates an L-Band (950 to 2000 MHz) IF input signal down to a user selected frequency in the 70 MHz (140 MHz optional) IF band. The module can be locked to an internal reference or an external 5 or 10 MHz reference signal.

The LBC-4000 is an excellent choice for interfacing legacy 70 or 140 MHz equipment to quad-band or tri-band block converter.

  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-188-164A
  • Low phase noise
  • 1 kHz step size
  • Field selectable spectral inversion
  • 50 dB gain adjustment
  • 70 ±18 MHz IF (140 ± 36 MHz optional)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Auto band sensing capability
  • Redundant option available.