Newtec’s NOP1840 PEP-Box Server is a professional Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) appliance for low to medium speed point to-point and point-to-multipoint IP trunking or IP backhauling networks – be it VSAT or SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier).

The main advantages:

  • High performance, enterprise-grade appliance with embedded IP optimisation and security features.
  • Short ROI period due to highest bandwidth efficiency: up to 20% less bandwidth needed on forward link up to 90% less on return link.
  • Increased end user experience for internet applications: up to 60% faster web browsing up to 90% faster file downloads.
  • Enables accelerated VPN networks.
  • Enables full utilisation of available satellite ‘pipe’.
  • 100% availability in fading due to adaptive throughput.
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure.
  • Compatible to any SCPC and VSAT infrastructure.
  • IP traffic enhancement and security for speeds up to 25/25 Mbp.
  • Superior TCP and HTTP acceleration, based on the NOP1800 acceleration and compression engine.
  • Advanced IP shaping and QoS management, based on NOP1700 bandwidth manager and shaper engine.
  • Secured VPN functionality.
  • Traffic aggregation, multiplexing and compression.