Holkirk’s QD98 is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent use, with uplink speeds in excess of 10Mbps.

Complete with a pricing structure that delivers better value than traditional services; the QD98 can even support pre-booked and ad-hoc demands for service and bandwidth.

Design includes 98cm single piece pressed steel reflector, ‘no-tools’ assembly, quick deploy tripod, inclinometer and fine adjust on azimuth and elevation. The tripod has detachable feet to allow for ground anchors to be fitted, ensuring maximum stability for reliable operation.

The reflector and feed arm assemblies will be housed in a custom flight case to ensure maximum protection during transport and will ensure excellent performance even at the extremities of the satellite footprint.

The QD98 has been designed to assist in pointing to the satellite. It has an integrated GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer that will give the user a target azimuth/elevation position and signal strength read-out on satellite lock.


  • Data transfer: 10Mb/s
  • Antenna size: 98cm
  • Antenna type: pressed steel
  • RF transceiver: 3W options.


  • Pointing aid (MPAD1 PLUS)
  • Sand feet
  • Outdoor modem
  • Hi-wind stay system.
  • Thor7 / Avanti approved
  • 98cm pressed steel reflector
  • ‘No-tools’ assembly
  • Less than 5 minutes build time
  • 2 case solution
  • 3W Ka-Band transceiver
  • THOR7 & HYLAS certified.