The new range of  RF Power Amplifier Modules from Epsilon RF are specifically designed to address the ever increasing demand of improved Size, Weight and Power, Performance, Cooling and Cost (SWaP2-C2) across the aerospace and defence industries.

The new range of SFF (Small Form Factor) RF power amplifiers measure 180 x 90 x 16mm, offer unrivalled performance, and are 50% the height and volume of competing models.

The  RF power amplifier module product range includes an innovative and contemporary connector system replacing the ‘traditional’ D-Sub and flanged SMA connectors. This minimises the wasted space around the amplifier in the host chassis and gives way to a register-based digital interface for enhanced control and monitoring.

  • Mute/enable function with nanosecond transition
  • Comprehensive built in test, telemetry and protection
  • High resolution power/gain control
  • Elapsed on-timer recording.