The Microsemi SyncServer S80 is a fully integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna, receiver, NTP server, and PoE interface that easily integrates into existing PoE infrastructure to immediately be the source of accurate, secure, and reliable time stamps for all network connected devices.

Network isolated physical security systems benefit as the ruggedised Stratum 1 network time server is ideal for time-synchronising IP security cameras, access control devices, and digital/network video recorders. SyncServer S80 is also suitable for synchronising the time on small enterprise networks.

For robust and secure NTP operations, SyncServer S80 is equipped with the Microsemi security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology with 100% hardware-based NTP packet processing. Unlike other NTP servers that use the open-source NTP daemon with its documented vulnerabilities, NTP Reflector also works as a CPU-protecting firewall, with bandwidth filtering and limiting of all non-NTP traffic.

NTP packet processing is capable of 500 NTP requests per second, and optionally 1000 NTP requests per second, all the while protecting the CPU from excessive NTP request loading that negatively affects time stamp accuracy, reduces the availability of time stamps, and increases susceptibility to CPU freezing or system reset. NTP Reflector supports the NTP mode 3 client requests for time. All time stamps are accurate to 100 nanoseconds to UTC, keeping network elements precisely synchronised and ensuring high-integrity time stamps for video records and log files.

  • Security-hardened Stratum 1 NTP server
  • Fully ruggedised and integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver, NTP server, and PoE network interface
  • Secure Microsemi NTP reflector technology
  • 100-nanosecond time stamp accuracy
  • 500 NTP requests per second standard, 1000 optional
  • Hardware-based time stamps
  • Modern GbE interface with IPv4 / IPv6 / SNMP / DHCP support
  • Stationary or moving platforms
  • Mounting hardware included.