Sematron offer a range of THOR 7 Terminals for every occasion, including the TP100 and QD98.

The TP100 ultra-compact 1m fly-away system packs down into two cases each weighing less than 23kg, making the terminal a truly IATA compliant DSNG solution. The system includes a 1m segmented high gain carbon reflector, ruggedised iDirect X5 modem, cables, power supplies and bespoke GPS. The simple-to-operate, reliable and cost effective solution is ideal for the modern news gatherer for store and forward, breaking news and occasional/permanent news feeds.

The QD98 is used for web-streaming and internet content delivery. It features a no-tools assembly reflector and tri-pod, and is supplied in a bespoke transit case for robust transportation.

The systems provides guaranteed availability as well as the ability to book data usage by the hour. Therefore tracking what you are paying for, or your monthly subscription delivery via the internet, or by arrangement to the nearest POP (on the Telenor network).


  • Upload/download speeds up to 10Mbps.
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Nordic countries
  • Middle East
  • Further coverage on a case-by-case basis.