Truncatis utilises robust protocols to transport video streams to a web based broadcast server for forwarding to one, or many destinations.

The network delivers real time broadcasting quality video from any originating facility over the internet (or private network), to any destination using a managed methodology that overcomes the inherent unreliability of the internet.

The cost model is based upon the bandwidth that is distributed from the web based broadcaster on a ‘pay as you go’ model, hence it’s a more cost effective form of video delivery compared to satellite or permanent leased circuits.

Access to the Truncatis network is realised using compatible edge devices that are readily available on the market, including those from Sematron.

  • Managed delivery over unmanaged networks
  • Scalable to multiple locations
  • Can use existing IP encoders
  • Fast circuit set-up
  • Low service fees, no long term minimum contracts
  • Delivery to multiple destinations from a single contribution link.