Digital Signage SEM-SIGN

The SEM-SIGN is a cost effective entry point for customers who want to start using digital signage with the ability to upgrade their system as their requirements grow.


Dynamic digital signage is becoming more and more popular across the enterprise, hospitality, education and retail business in bridging the information gap between the supplier and the customer.


With SEM-SIGN, it is possible to re-enforce your corporate image along with passing useful information to your customers.


The use of static bulletin boards is becoming a thing of the past as dynamic digital signage networks are rolled out across schools & campuses and In an increasingly competitive market, shop owners are appreciating the need for an effective and dynamic promotional tool  at the point of purchase

Key Benefits

  • Simple to deploy system
  • Very scalable as the number of screens increase
  • Centralised content server with remote digital signage players
  • Web based application software for designing screen templates
  • Options for interactive applications such as HTML, JavaScript & Flash
  • Options for 1080p full HD video


The system consists of three main elements.

The first is the Content Management Server (CMS-mini) which manages the synchronisation of the content; uploading of content from a network or FTP and the centralised scheduling.

The second is the Media Player (SMP) which sits at the same site as the signage and is required to display the video graphics, tickers and clocks.  

The third is the Content Editing Applications Software (X Post) which are software applications that enable the easy creation of templates to enhance the look of the content.


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