Modular SNG

Our modular DSNG solutions  allow the in territory construction and assembly  of a DSNG vehicle using the pre-test building blocks designed commissioned by Holkirk Communications.


The solution is based around the industry leading VITO vehicle but can be adapted to other solutions on request.

Key benefits

  • Reduced project costs & lead time
  • Reduced shipping and import logistics
  • Highly modular with 1.2M / 1.5M antenna available
  • 200W HPA in single thread or redundant mode
  • DVBS / DVB-S2 Video Encoder modulator
  • Optional fully automatic satellite acquisition
  • EZ-DSNG racking system including DC Inverter PSU
  • Production equipment (audio / video)


The EZ-SNG from Holkirk is a high quality, modular approach to satellite mobile earth station design; it consists of four main building blocks, Prime Power and UPS module, Transmission Equipment module, Baseband Equipment module and the Satellite Antenna with integrated RF. (1:1 200W TWT system)


The EZ-SNG is a low cost, fast and reliable way to realise a fully functional DSNG solution with all the system design and commissioning undertaken in the Holkirk factory Installation can be completed in territory, making for simple logistics and reduced shipping cost.

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Production Section

Within the DSNG vehicle we can install equipment racks including operatorís desk that will house the production & transmission equipment. Both fully cabled and tested (as well as the antenna control unit) the rack will contain the following facilities and equipment: Mains distribution, A/V distribution through patch panels (configured for 4 SDI signals inc. embedded audio) 8 channel video mixer with SDI & composite inputs, 16 channel audio mixer, 17" SDI & composite monitor, 4 x 4" SDI monitors , 2 x 7" SDI monitors, Four SDI Audio De-Embedders and PSU Frame, Waveform vector scope Hamlet Adept SDI & Composite & Canford dual rack mount powered monitor speakers.

Additional resources > Datasheets
Small DSNG Van Solution Production Section