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TS over Internet

Video over unmanaged networks/internet.
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TS/Video Firewall

The Licentia IP Video Router provides a powerful and flexible video streaming solution.
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Mosaic overview showing multiple services received from multiple transport streams.
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Bonding Encoders/Platforms

Video contribution uplink systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular networks.
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Hardware Encoding

Delivering multi-codec, multi-format and multi-channel operations.
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Software Encoding

Processing end-to-end software solutions.

Transcoding and Stream Processing

Stream processing and network adaptation.
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Primary multiplexing in headends for DTH satellite, contribution and distribution systems.
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Receivers and Decoders

Providing feature-rich multi-format standard definition decoding capability.
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Management and Control

End-to-end multi-vendor NMS, OSS and orchestration software solutions for the broadcast and satellite industry.

Norwia - Fibre

Versatile usage with Norwia products.
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Modulators and Demodulators

The next generation DVB compliant modem specifically designed for broadcast applications.
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