With the roots of the Freedom radio test set traceable back to Motorola; the R8100 and R8000C have become the industry benchmark and preferred test platforms for many radio engineers. With the performance of digital radios constantly improving, Freedom remain at the leading edge of LMR testing.

With their extraordinary dynamic range and response time, the R8100 and R8000C provide highly accurate output levels of +/-1dB and a dynamic range of +5dBm to -130dBm; the type of performance you would expect to see from a much higher priced instrument. In fact, the overall RF performance of the R8100 and R8000C takes some beating; with frequency stability of 0.01PPM, phase noise performance of -95dBc/Hz, and residual FM of <4Hz.

Other key performance areas include the spectrum analyser noise floor of -140dBm, maximum span of 1GHz or 3GHz (depending on the model chosen), and oscilloscope bandwidth of 50KHz.

This makes Freedom Communication Technologies test sets invaluable to any engineer searching for industry leading specifications, with a price point to meet your needs.

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