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Touch Encoders

Touch Encoder combines the functionality of conventional touch displays, keypads and rotary switches

Rotary Switches

Single and Multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configrations

Hall Effect Switches

Hall effect technology provides contactless operation, facilitating a long operational life.

Optical Encoders

Our optical encoders greatest advantage is their non-contact switching technology resulting in high operational life.

CANbus Displays, Controllers, Keypads

Generation 2 MMI Controllers, CANbus keypads and the 3D series displays feature new benefits in meeting ever-changing market demands.

Mechanical Encoders

Mechanical encoders combine the feel of our rotary switches with a digital output.


Providing the human interface for directional control. They are available with mechanical switching or magnetic Hall-effect sensors for long life.


Pushbuttons employ a variety of contact mechanisms, circuitry, mounting and termination options.
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