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Ku-Band IP Occasional Use IP Broadcast (European Service)

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Partner: Broadcast IP Systems

  • Contribution bit rate up to 10Mbps
  • Native IP contribution and optional value-added services: video conference, web-browsing
  • Ku-Band: Wide coverage in EMEA region, with high availability and quality of service.
  • Services predefined and chargeable according to duration, minimum booking 30 mins.
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Powered by Hispasat and ideal for European wide occasional use. The Ku-Band service is run over an iDirect Evolution hub from Madrid with excellent IP back bone infrastructure.

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Ka-Band Ka-Sat (European coverage)

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Partner: Broadcast IP Systems

  • 5GB Pre loaded uncontended service
  • Best effort contended service
  • Network portal registration
  • Manged service
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The Ka-Sat air time package is offered on the Skylogic Newsspotter service. As part of the service we will register your terminal and then either manage or train your team to full operate and maintain the service.

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Avanti Ka Band IP Broadcast (EMEA Coverage) Bundle 24

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Partner: Broadcast IP Systems

  • 24-hour contract with 8GB ‘pre-loaded’ throughput
  • Additional GB booster without loss of service
  • No booking required during contract
  • Avialable on HYLAS1 and HYLAS2
Brief product description

The Avanti air time bundle is powered by the Avanti HTS Ka-Band fleet across the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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