Microsemi’s MMSM PIN diodes utilise new and unique monolithic MMSM technology.

The technology is a package/device integration accomplished at the wafer fabrication level. Since the cathode and anode interconnections utilise precision photolithographic techniques rather than wire bonds, parasitic package inductance is tightly controlled. The package parasitics provide smooth non-resonant functionality through X-Band.

Application Benefits:

  • 2.4GHz PCS communications
  • 5.7GHz wireless LANS
  • Solid state switches, attenuates, limiters
  • Phase shifter
  • Widest bandwidth of any commerical surface mounted devices
  • Ultra tight parametric distribution.
  • Low series inductance (0.2nH typical)
  • Low parasitic capacitance (0.06pf typical)
  • Meets all commercial qualification requirements
  • 0204 outline
  • Low thermal resistance.