Remote production solutions from Norwia broadly fall into two categories: solutions to connect remote events back to the studio control room, and solutions that simplify connections between the outside broadcast trucks to the event equipment.

The traditional broadcaster often operates each studio with its own control room, resulting in many control rooms most of the time being unused. With the Norwia miniHUB solution, several studios connect to one control room via optical fibre. The studio can be an outdoor event or just one of the local studios. With this solution, an outdoor remote studio or an indoor event can be equally easily operated.

  • Short and long distances, from 0 up to 100km
  • Optical multiplexing: up to 40 signals over a single fibre (CWDM, DWDM)
  • Fiber redundancy with optical switching and splitting to create redundant paths
  • Works with multiple camera vendors.


Norwia miniHUB