RevGo Global Inc. was founded by Senior Satcom Executives from US and Canada with more than 100 years of combined experience at Satcom RF system design. We combine the new generation GaN technology with unique power combining capabilities, designed for high volume production with strict reliability and quality control to create the most compact, cost-effective, field-proven, reliable BUCs, LNBs and Transceivers. Manufactured to the stringent quality standards of ISO9001:2015. All at the highest value available and the shortest lead times.

  •  c-Band, Ku Band, Ka-Band, DBS
  • 2 to 200W output power
  • BUC, LNB, Transceiver – Tx/Rx/OMT/Filters
  • High Efficeiency GaN HEMT
  • High Linearity over temperature
  • Unique power combining
  • Compact and lightweight